Who we are

We are explorers in the world of Marketing, Content creation, and Storytelling.

Our Story

Honestly, we are just starting out so we don’t have much of a story to share.
But if you are still interested, here you go.

Pen And Pop started as a public board

Where we were primarily putting out stories that were written out of life experiences but soon after it started giving wings to fellow readers by sharing their writings on the channel as well.

Currently, we are on a journey

More like an adventure to understand how marketing and content creation work brands as we embark from one successful voyage to another. 

Soon we got introduced to the world of marketing and content creation

But the place where we first found a safe space was storytelling and hence it will always remain close to our hearts. 


To be Continued…………

We believe that people are essential.

We are looking for:

Content Writers (intern)

Ink your ideas, craft compelling narratives.

SEO Executives

Elevate digital visibility, one strategic keyword at a time.

Graphic Designer and video editors

Transform visions into visuals, pixel by pixel, frame by frame.

Community Manager

Nurture connections, and spark conversations.

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